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Greeting Comrade #4448869. If I am not here when you awake, the lifeboat from our Grand Spacefaring Vesselhas left without me. Remember your Party spirit and work together to operate the FSKY system. As you are a proud Valushkian you will not have any trouble being saved. You just need to use our glorious FSKY system and follow the instructions...


Made by Glen Willis from Miserable Pawn Games for LDJam 37. The theme was "One Room" and this was my first try at a 3D game in a jam. The game originally started as a homage to the Apollo computer and associated DSKY system (from reading Digital Apollo: Human and Machine in Spaceflight, an interesting book to read actually about the differing views about the roles of humans in a high tech system). I had also read The Hunt for Red October which influenced my fake country and theme.

Nobody has play tested this other than me but it is possible to win. Maybe the win logic only makes sense in my twisted mind. I was going to make it so that you could do something you could no longer win (like the games of yore) but I fear that may leave a bad impression. You can insta-lose though which I've always found funny. Some things aren't implemented properly but I'm just glad to get a game that you can finish.

Music taken from http://www.whatfunk.com/ (shhh... altered by me slightly ) and sound effects taken from Sonniss.com - GDC - Game Audio Bundle.

Install instructions

Created in Unity 5.5 so should work where all good Unity games work.


AdriftFromValushkia_RC.zip 19 MB

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