A downloadable game for Windows

Top down hex-based strategy game created for the inaugural GMTK Jam in 2017.

Theme was Dual Purpose so the way I tackled the theme is that every action you choose to make in this game (building, upgrading etc.) has a political impact.

There are three separate parties: Warhawks, Peaceniks and the Balance (as in not either). You need to keep your approval rating for each party as high as possible (not possible to do so of course) in order to win the election that occurs after every 10 turns. Note that the % in the bottom left corner is the % proportion of each party and in the right is the approval rating.

Press F1 for basic in game help.

Left click to select units, right click to move a unit while selected (can only move one hex at a time) and middle click to drag the map.

Aim of the game is survive as many election cycles as possible.

Build soldiers to kill the bugs (and get resources), build miners to build mines that will give you more resources and build settlers to build outposts (which can then build miners).

Balance your strategy to keep all parties happy and change your strategy to keep elected.

Things to work on.

I ran out of time to put in enemy AI and expand the game further but I was able to get something out of my time at least.

Would need to take art into account a lot more.

Need to also fix the weird UI issues.


Created in the 48 hour time period by Beefsports.

Game design, programming and art all done by Beefsports in the time. I heavily borrowed (the Hex map code from http://catlikecoding.com/unity/tutorials/hex-map/part-1/.

Used Magica Voxel for most of the models and paint.net for the texturing.

Sound Effects done in BFXR by me as well but looping background music is Gravity by Whatfunk.

Any missed attributions I apologise for.

Install instructions

Game is made in Unity 2017.01 and exported for Windows. Works on Windows 10 but should work wherever Unity works.


SpaceQuorumFinalBuild.zip 14 MB


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